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We came across this article a few days ago and found it very powerful. Our staff believes that this is information that every parent should read. We hope that you can recognize the importance of this article. 

By Guy Winch, Ph.D. - Recognizing the various psychological injuries we sustain when we fail and learning how to treat them will help you recover both psychologically and emotionally, and increase your chances of success in the future. Read More


meditation2 vaughan counsellingOur program will help participants: 
            • Understand the basics of starting a meditation/relaxation program
            • Become familiar with understanding how relaxation and meditation can help with anxiety and worry 
            • Learn strategies to help manage anxiety and worry
            • Learn a variety of different types of relaxation exercises 
            • Develop strategies to help control unwanted thoughts 
            • Improve concentration and focus   
            • Learn cognitive behavioural therapy strategies to challenge unwanted thoughts 
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