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In the past 20 years, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of academic research studies focusing specifically on body image.  Much research has focused on the factors that affect an individual’s experience of embodiment and it’s overall impact on behaviour. Much of this behaviour often includes persistent mirror checking, interest or participation in surgery, concerns about unhealthy eating, and an increase in drug use (steroids or weight loss stimulants). 

Body dissatisfaction has often been described or defined as an individual’s negative evaluation of body size, shape, muscularity, and weight. Our program at Counselling Services for York Region focuses on providing our clients with research informed techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy, focused awareness training, and acceptance therapy (ACT). 

For more information on our counselling program specific to body image issues, please feel free to call us at 416-999-3437 or complete an appointment request form

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There is no right or wrong path. There is only the path that you choose. Whatever you choose, there will be many opportunities for you to grow and expand. 

Kuan Yin. 

Our counselling centre is here to make sure that you get the support you need. You may have some hesitation attending counselling, but it’s important to remember that millions of people worldwide receive help from a therapist. What’s also important to remember is that people do see success when they do see a qualified therapist. Let us help you make change in your life. 

Counselling Vaughan HandOur Phobia Clinic

Our intention with phobia specific therapy is to teach you the skills necessary to challenge and overcome your fear(s). Our therapy model will help you obtain the strength and confidence needed to overcome your fears and difficulties.  We will work with you to see that you reach your physical/mental health goals. 

For individuals experiencing difficulties with phobias, studies recommend treatment models that include cognitive restructuring and exposure therapy. Our program takes this a step further by including new research techniques and modalities that will help see immediate and lasting results.

How we can help:

We recognize that not everyone is able to leave their home because of the difficulties they experience with their phobia. We will schedule online or telephone sessions with you to help you develop the confidence to visit our clinic.

We will teach you skills to help you challenge your phobia and obtain the strength to live the life you’d like to live.

You will develop a skill set of thought correcting techniques that you can use in other areas of your life as well. Our treatment model will improve all areas of your life, including other aspects of your physical/mental health.   

We’re here to help! Let us know what we can do to make your experience more comfortable and satisfying. Our counselling clinic's located in Vaughan and Maple are here to help you as best as we can. 

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