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Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) gives priority to the emotions experienced by the people (family member or partner) attending the session. Evoking the primary emotions, while managing stirred up compelling responses, helps the couple (or family) better organize themselves and aids each person in responding more congruently with each other.

Our goal is to create a safe, egalitarian relationship with our partners. Emotional responses are shaped and constructed so each couple can feel safe when expressing themselves. We teach our couples how to respond in this way on an ongoing basis. Couples are taught to recognize that much of their behaviours are influenced by social learning and each of them participate in a ‘cycle’ that keeps them stuck from successful conflict resolution.

EFT meta-analysis studies suggest that 70-73% of couples describe themselves as recovered from marital distress and 90% report having significantly improved after treatment. EFT has also demonstrated success across cultures and social classes.  

Many relationships experience difficulty with conflict and excess negative emotion.  Being apart of a high-conflict relationship is exhausting and often leaves both partners feeling frustrated and miserable. Research suggests that being in a high conflict relationship can lead to increased rates of depression, anxiety and substance abuse.

Our goal at our clinic is to identify variables that may influence the dysfunctional communication you and your partner experience. Together, we will work with you in developing goals for treatment and ensuring you are on the right path to success. We do this by monitoring progress session-by-session and providing guidance every step of the way.

Our clinic will only teach you research supported communication skills and techniques. You will be exposed to material that will help you assess your own communication style (both healthy and unhealthy) and how to effectively use your new knowledge in best practice. We also help our clients learn how to listen and respond empathetically, use appropriate guidelines for decision-making, and teach skills to help deescalate a situation.

Books you may find helpful:
Getting the Love you Want - Harvill Hendrix
Emotional Alchemy: How the Mind Can Heal the Hearth - Tara Bennet Goleman 
Love Sense - Sue Johnson 

Many members of our community experience difficulties with substance abuse issues. Individuals with substance abuse issues are best supported when they have become aware of the variables that may influence their use. Replacing problematic behaviours with healthier coping strategies is a starting point for many of these individuals.

Once our clients have become aware of the factors that influence their use, strategies are put in place to help reduce need and desire.  Sessions focus on recognizing the ‘people, places, and things,’ that promote desire/need and provide client’s with tools to correct for thoughts and challenge behaviours. The goal for our program is to see that our clients reduce consumption and develop healthier behaviours to help cope with their abuse issues.

Clients will be encouraged through the use of positive reinforcement and personal health development. Our program will help clients recognize the need to measure commitment rather than progress.

Please note that clients must be interested in completing a substance abuse program and should not be forced.  If they are not interested in attending counselling, an intervention is recommended. If you would like to arrange an intervention, please feel free to contact us to find out how we could help. 

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