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Depression vaughanOur program uses cutting edge therapeutic models/strategies for helping clients overcome their symptoms of depression or general sadness. The program is designed to:
  • Help correct distorted thoughts
  • Correct dysfunctional beliefs
  • Address problem behaviours
  • Assist the client in mastering their problems and situations, which at the present time may seem impossible. 
Various techniques are used to explore the variables that may be influencing specific negative thoughts and assumptions. Clients who see success in the program are able to effectively use strategies to challenge negative thinking, build self-confidence, and live a happier life.   

All techniques and therapy modalities used within this program are empirically supported by professional research and academic study. 

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couples vaughan counsellingAnger Management - Vaughan, ON

Sometimes anger can get the best of us. Generally, most of us dislike the feeling of it and it’s presence in our life. However, our philosophy is that there isn’t anything wrong with anger. It’s an important signal that tells us that something’s wrong. With the right resources you can learn to control anger, express yourself more effectively, and avoid conflict.

If you are dealing with uncontrolled anger, treatment at our centre will help you discover new resources that will help you control how you react.  

At Counselling Services for York Region, our anger management program will help you:
  • Identify triggers/initial warning signs that may lead to anger. This will allow you to take the steps necessary to defuse the situation before you get upset.  
  • Learn strategies to slow down and challenge your thoughts, so you can choose how to respond constructively, without responding aggressively.
  •  Learn skills that will help you better assert yourself in times of conflict
  • Develop better stress management skills
You will work directly with a professionally trained therapist in a safe, non-judgmental, confidential space.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call 416-999-3437.

Our Vaughan counselling centre is here to help! 

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