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Choosing a Therapist - Is Gender Important? Part #2

Many people ask if gender is important when picking a therapist. Most skilled counsellors can work well with patients/clients of any gender (male/female/other). If you recognize that you have a preference, its important to consider what that means to you (i.e. if you were abused by a male, you may prefer a female therapist or if you have trust issues with males, you may want to seek out a male therapist). Some people prefer a therapist of the same gender because they believe they may relate better or that they may receive some new perspective.

We recommended that you don’t base your decision to choose a therapist solely on gender.  Consider how they plan on working with you, their potential plan for helping you reach your goal, and what therapeutic orientation they subscribe to.

Our counselling centre can help you choose a therapist in the community, please ask us how. Feel free to give us a call and let us help you find a therapist in Vaughan and Maple, Ontario. We will work with you to make sure your comfortable and well supported. We will make sure that you receive the right information about finding the appropriate counselling/psychotherapy service. 

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