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Loss and grief are a normal and integral part of life. Each person needs to move through the grief cycle and do so in a healthy manner.

There are many types of loss that we may experience, including: breaking up with a loved one, moving far away, divorce of parents, losing a friendship, questioning spiritual beliefs, challenging an illness, death of friend/family member, or developing a disability. Grief is often accompanied by feelings of pain and suffering. Our goal in our program is to help our clients move through the experience and heal and resolve from the loss. This includes helping individuals manage with reaction, adaptation, and process.

Typically, the bereaved person will move through a challenge in identity. The person will naturally have to distance themselves from the attachment they had to the event/person and recognize that the situation has changed by moving towards acceptance. At times the situation can be viewed as positive, as it often facilitates personal growth, but initially it can be difficult and the person may describe feeling a sense of loneliness and helplessness.

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