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Our counselling program focused on infidelity is about healing. Our program is intended to help couples by providing them with a roadmap to recovery. Couples counselling/marriage counselling focused on infidelity will provide couples with principles to consider over treatment and specific interventions to help manage the difficulties they may be experiencing.

Treatment unfolds in three stages:
  1. Helping couples manage with the immediate crisis of the affair (when it has become discovered and acknowledged)
  2. Helping understand the variables (or reasons) that may have to contributed to a partner’s decision to have an affair.
  3. Helping couples move ahead with acceptance and ultimately forgiveness.

If both parties are committed to working on the relationship, treatment will focus on:
  1. Repairing difficulties in the relationship, which may have contributed to distancing in the relationship.
  2. Repairing physical and emotional intimacy.

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