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There is much evidence to suggest that therapy is an effective treatment for many mental health illness or personal difficulty; however, there are many situations in which it may not be effective:

  • Some clients aren’t motivated to change their personal situation. This may occur at times when someone else is making them attend counselling (parent, school, or the law).
  • If you find it difficult speaking to people or developing personal relationships (yet, this is where therapy can become beneficial)
  • If you dislike your therapist. There are many people who call themselves therapist but are poorly trained. Yet, there are some who are well trained, but have a personality that you may dislike. Finding a therapist of whom you personally connect to is very important.
  • If your parents don’t support therapy (children or young adults). Some parents may not like the idea, make fun of you, or refuse to pay for treatment. Some parents may want you to turn to them for help and it’s disrespectful for going outside of the family home for support.
  • If therapy is not part of your cultural customs. Some people challenge their customs and beliefs and attend counselling despite cultural restrictions. This may be a difficult process, but it’s important to think of how it may benefit you in the end.

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