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Many individuals inquire about what the possible outcome would be for people who attend counselling. According to the text ‘Counselling Skills’ by John McLeod, there are three broad categories of potential counselling outcomes:

Resolution to the problem/issue: Obtaining a resolution may look like understanding and gaining perspective of the concern; developing personal acceptance for the problem; and/or creating a plan of action to change the situation creating or influencing the problem.

Learning: Counselling may help the individual develop or acquire new understanding, skills or strategies that may help them better able to handle similar issues or concerns in the future. The client/patient may learn more about themselves, their habits, or patterns that may be keeping them ‘stuck’ or isolated. Learning may also include perspective of who they want to be.

Social engagement and inclusion: Counselling may stimulate energy and capacity for individuals who may be experiencing difficulties in their lives. It may provide them with perspective that may be difficult to think of on their own. Counselling provides a forum where people can be heard with out judgment, discrimination, or detriment.

John McLeod states, “most of the time, the effect of counselling is to make a difference to the person, in the sense of enabling them to move forward in their life. (McLeod 2013)” 

Our Maple and Vaughan counselling centres are here to help you make an informed decision regarding your counselling needs. Please feel free to call us and ask us questions about choosing a therapist in our community. Will be more than happy to take the time to answer any questions you may have. 

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