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Choosing a Therapist - Questions to Ask a Therapist – Part #4

VAUGHAN, Ontario

Max Becker’s Text, ‘A Book of Help’ provides an excellent list of questions to ask a therapist before you actually meet. Here is a summary:
  • What type of training do you have working with individuals with my concern?
  • What is your philosophy (theoretical orientation)?
  • What are your fees? Do you accept insurance?
  • What’s your experience working with individuals who have come to you with my concern?
  • What treatment approach would you use?
  • How long do you usually see clients with these issues?
  • Are you available for phone calls? Appointments on short notice?
  • What would be my responsibility as a client/patient

Max provides questions you consider asking yourself when the initial phone call or session has completed.
  • What was initially feeling when I spoke to this person?
  • How comfortable was I speaking to this individual?
  • Did I receive any help?
  • Were my questions answered warming and openly?
  • Did the person listen to my concerns?
  • Did they seem honest, open and respectful?
  • Did this person encourage me to solve problems on my own?
  • Did they seem judgmental?
  • Did they offer advice? (remember, no therapist should offer you advice)
Please remember that our counselling centres located in Vaughan and Maple, Ontario are here to help you find a therapist in the community. We are here to provide you with any assistance we can. We want you to receive expert counselling care in an environment of respect and accountability. Let us know how we can help. Our therapists/counsellors want to help. 

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