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Blog---paintingParticipating in art activities such as painting or creating crafts is a great way to slow down stressful thoughts, transform your energy and evoke calmness. According to Caddy, Crawford, and Page’s (2011) article, Painting a pathway to wellness, the intense concentration and altered sense of time can help provide a welcome distraction from worry, rumination, and negative thinking.

The author’s state,

“The ‘doing’ of creative activity generates a complex interaction of mind and body processes, which can stimulate the growth of new neuron networks in the cerebral cortex. Both sides of the brain become involved during engagement in creative activity, the mind being activated and ‘energized by the use of our hands.’ Using imagination accesses right brain function and can bypass rigid thinking patterns. (Caddy, Crawford, Page 2011:328)”

Participating in an artistic activity can provide a safe, non-verbal, and acceptable way of managing difficult emotions. Other reported benefits of engaging in a creative activity include:
  • Increased sense of satisfaction
  • Empowerment
  • Confidence
  • Achievement
  • Increased activity levels

Art Activities:
  • Painting - take lessons (from a university student or professional)
  • Buy art instructional books
  • Try painting in oil, acrylic, and water-based material
Other Art Activities:
  • Pottery Classes
  • Drawing
  • Sketching
  • Crafts

Caddy, E., Crawford, F., & Page, A. C. (2012). Painting a path to wellness: Correlations between participating in a creative activity group and improved measured mental health outcome. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, 19, 327–333.

Places to Find Craft Activities (Generated by Google Maps): 

Painting Classes: 
Art Classes Portfolio Development Drawing School - 905-762-9393 - Richmond HIll, York Region
Palette Art Classes - 905-738-7889 - Concord, York Region 
Art Classes by Katerina Atapina - 416-833-8939 - Markham, York Region 
ACE Art Studio - 416-522-5557 - Vaughan - York Region 
Woodland Artists Art School - 416-845-6913 - Richmond HIll, York Region 
Roksolana Art School - 416-893-0998 - Richmond HIll, York Region 
Kim School of Art - 906-882-0884 - Richmond HIll, York Region 
Art Classes (Instyle Frames) - 905-709-8898 - Thornhill, York Region
Lynrich Arts - 905-771-0411 - Markham, York Region 
Lolart School - 905-237-2411 - Richmond HIll, York Region
Blue Panda Studio - 416-797-0144 - Aurora, York Region 
Studio Six Framing and Art Supplies - 905-475-1136 - Makrham, York Region 
Ziba Gallery - 416-696-8464 - Richmond Hill, York Region
Woodbridge Art School - 905-832-2100 - Woodbridge, York Region

Pottery Classes: 
Color Me Mine - 905-477-0002 - Markham, York Region 
Glaze Craze - 905-770-2529 - Richmond Hill, York Region 
Pine Tree Potters Guild - 905-727-1278 - Aurora, York Region
Your Fired Cermaics - 905-737-8944 - Richmond Hill, York Region 

Spectrum Glazes - 905-695-8355 - Vaughan, York Region
Bisque It Pottery and Painting Studio - 905-303-6333 - Maple, York Region 

Sewing Classes:
Markham Guild Village Craft - 905-264-7421 - Markham, York Region 

Art Galleries: 
Kipling Gallery - 905-265-2192 - Woodbridge, York Region 
McMichael Canadian Art Collection - 905-893-1121 - Vaughan, York Region 
Canadian Heritage Art Co - 905-893-0168 - Kleinburg, York Region

Art Dealers (great for inspiration): 
Living Art Warehouse - 905-851-6583 - Woodbridge, York Region 
Rocfern International Galleries - 905-850-7647 - Woodbridge, York Region
Global Art & Furniture - 905-856-9090 - Woodbridge, York Region 
Galaria Art Expo - 905-856-9090 - Woodbridge, York Region 
Art Studio GogaFineArt - 905-303-4005 - Concord, York Region 
Marquis Galleries - 905-764-0519 - Thornhill, York Region 
Richmond Hill Group of Artists - 905-770-7449 - Richmind Hill, York Region 

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