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There are many times where we feel an emotion (i.e. sad, upset, angry, or anxious), but are unable to understand why we are feeling that way. This exercise may help you better understand why you’re feeling the way you are.

List all the moods you may be feeling and rate them on a scale of 1-10 (1 being low and 10 being high). Remember moods and feelings are usually described in one word (i.e. irritable, agitated).


Sad (9)

Based on the emotions you listed above answer the following:

1. What environmental situations are making you feel this way?


I feel sad because my work responsibilities are overwhelming.
I have saved no money this year.
My partner just ended our relationship

2. What thoughts are contributing to your feelings listed above?


I’ll never find another job.
I’ll be broke forever.
I’m unlovable.

3. Are there any symptoms associated with your feelings?

I have an upset stomach most of the time.
I can never sleep.
I have no appetite.

4. What behaviours are contributing to you feeling the way you do?

I never take the effort to look for other jobs.
I always spend my money before I can save it.
I beat myself up for my partner leaving me.

5.  Is there anything in the past that might be making you feel the way you do?


I never used to speak my mind at home when my chores began to become too much to handle.
I often spent more money when I was sad.
I tend not to try in relationships when I find a fault in my partner. 

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