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Many relationships experience difficulties from time to time. Sometimes these difficulties can occur simply because of the natural transitioning from one life stage to another. Usually, individuals begin to mould themselves to fit the situations they are confronted with and as a result the dynamic in the relationship changes. Each partner may manage with stress differently and this sometimes creates conflict on how needs are communicated. Sometimes people may hold irrational and unrealistic beliefs about their partner and the relationship. They may also make negative evaluations when their partner doesn’t live up to their expectations.

Our goal is to help partners:

-       Challenge thoughts and create realistic expectations for their relationship.

-       Challenge observable behaviours and how they factor into the relationship.

-       Recognize precipitants of disagreements.

-       Focus on how to make decisions that are best for their relationship instead of the self. 

-       Work on active communication through the use to research supported techniques.

-       Work on facilitating or rekindling a connection.

We have staff that are highly trained and are members of the College of Psychologist’s and College of Psychotherapists. We welcome you to call or email and find out more about how we can help nourish and support your relationship.

Our Mission...

Our mission is to provide innovative, effective, and empirically supported counselling and educational services to individuals, couples, and families who experience mental/physical health issues and/or value personal growth and development.
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