Career Counselling

There are many reasons as to why individuals seek career counselling, many include: lack of enjoyment in their present career, not meeting personal goals or expectations, and in transition either by choice or by conditions which they have little control over.

The goal of career or vocational counselling is to help clients reach their personal career goals. Typically, a therapist will use a variety of skills and techniques to help clients make informed decisions about potential career choices. Choices are best made once an individual has a better understanding of their own capacity (both physical and mental), available career options, and motivational or self-limiting behaviours.

One of the benefits of career counselling is identifying the strengths of an individual and how each can be utilized appropriately. Our goal is to help our clients clarify expectations and take action to alleviate anxieties, fill in missing information, and address indecisiveness.

Effective career counselling will help clients:
  • Find their career related passion.
  • Develop a plan to help use their unique talents, interests, values, and life experiences to achieve their goals.
  • Challenge disempowering beliefs and barriers that may be limiting learning or progression.
  • Make decisions based on values, needs and inner beliefs.
  • Develop strategies to implement healthy work/life balance.
  • Develop healthier coping strategies for managing potential stressors or conflict situations.
  • Approach the future with enthusiasm and optimism. 
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Our Mission...

Our mission is to provide innovative, effective, and empirically supported counselling and educational services to individuals, couples, and families who experience mental/physical health issues and/or value personal growth and development.
  • Adult
  • Youth


  • Stress and Anxiety 
  • Relationship Break Up (Dating/Divorce)
  • Bereavement Counselling 
  • Specific Phobias 
  • Learning/Memorization 
  • Commitment Issues
  • Shyness/Dating Issues 
  • Trauma
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  • Academic Support
  • Bullying
  • Cutting/Self-harm
  • Internet/Video Game Addiction
  • Self-Esteem and Body Image Issues 
  • Alcohol/Drug Abuse Issues
  • Lack of Motivation

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Client Testimonials

“Counselling at the centre helped me get to where I wanted to be. I’m now in control and living a life where I’m comfortable meeting new people and opening myself up to new possibilities.”
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