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Counselling Vaughan AnxietyOur anxiety program is designed help individuals with anxiety issues become well and stay well. Our program will help you better understand your anxiety and provide you with useful strategies to manage, treat, and live without becoming overly anxious.

Anxiety is not all about being ‘anxious,’ it’s about focusing on worry, avoiding situations, and uncontrollable unwanted thoughts.  Our treatment model will help you reduce the emotional sensitivity you may experience during a stressful situation, any anticipatory anxiety, and the avoidance behaviours associated with your anxiety. 

Our trained therapists will teach you the techniques necessary to succeed in your recovery. Our tailored set of interventions will help:
  • Reduce your symptoms related to your anxiety
  • Reduce the disabling effects it may have on you
  • Enhance your quality of life (as demonstrated in clinical trials - internet search 'cognitive behavioural therapy and anxiety' and 'mindfulness and anxiety')
Types of anxiety disorders we treat: 

- Separation Anxiety Disorder 
- Selective Mutism 
- Specific Phobia (i.e. animal, environment, blood, situational, other) 
- Social Anxiety Disorder 
- Panic Disorder 
- Panic Attack 
- Agoraphobia 
- Generalized Anxiety Disorder 

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